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Passenger cars
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GAZ-21 "Volga"
Technical data
Passenger car, the number of seats - 5. Carbureted engine, four-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve. Engine capacity - 2.42 l. Maximum speed - 130 km / h Own curb weight 1460 kg. Length - 4.77 m, width - 1,8 m, height - 1.62 m Transmission - Manual, 3-step.
History info
GAZ-21 "Volga" - a car designed as a worthy heir to the "Victory." A little more than half a century ago, in October 1956, five production cars saw the light, and in April 1957, started 21th on the conveyor. For 14 years, the model sold in great quantities in nearly 640,000 copies. Needless to say, it was wildly popular. The machine fell in love not only in the Soviet Union and abroad. Presence in foreign automotive markets for the party was a matter of principle. And what they come out, but with such beauty? For the first time in the car lit up version of "Star". The star on the radiator grille is just not liked. Too strongly associated with its hostile Soviet regime. So hastily was prepared version with the "shark mouth". Later on the "Volga" traveled to Belgium, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Greece, Cyprus, England, not to mention the Warsaw Pact countries. For countries with left-hand traffic produced car with right-hand drive, which differed from the other export versions outdoor location of the lever box. In Belgium, the "Volga" dubbed "the tank on wheels." In Finland and Norway - "tank in evening dress." In England, where it sold 15 cars (the version with the right wheel "21P") of the "Volga" was spoken of as a "workhorse."
"Volga" - a car-movie character. As for the national cinema, the major motion picture epic, in which the "Volga" appeared in all its glory, should be considered the film "Beware of the Car". We Eldar Ryazanov's 21th not only shows the embodiment of dreams ordinary Soviet citizens, as well as an excellent investment option unearned income and subject to speculative transactions, but also a good machine. As she suffers stoically jump in ditches as deftly shows tail traffic cop at the feeble in comparison with it, "Ural". Among the foreign bands, it is worth noting the film "James Bond 007. Thunderball. "In total, we counted about 100 films, where the "Volga", according to the story, has become one of the main vehicles.
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