Covering 41 600 sq.m and boasting advanced infrastructure, FILM.UA Studio is a full scale film production that makes shooting films easy  and provides  great working conditions and recreational opportunities.

The production complex houses “Khlopushka” café, “Tarilka 22” restaurant and “Shapka” terrace bar are available for hosting conventions, workshops, wedding parties and other special events while the “Pravda” cinema theatre offers personalized  film or family videos’ screenings.

On a visit to the studio, you can  chance to meet the world-known film stars like Jean Reno and Robert Patrick, as well as Ukrainian “Mamakhokhotala” and  “95 kvartal” cast members, Oleksander Skichko, Sonya Plakyudyuk, Ada Rogovtseva and others.

The studio complex operates 8 pavilions (soundstages) with the total area of 7 942 sq.m.

Pavilion 1 housed  “Igry prykoliv”, “Show of Yura”,  “Ukrainian Top-Model”, “X-factor”, “Davay, do pobachennya”, and “Tantsuyut’ vsi!”(“So You Think You Can Dance?”) TV shows.

Pavilion 2 was home to the productions of “Crazy Wedding” film and “Vechirnyi Kvartal” TV show.

Pavilion 3 housed “Eskimo girl”, “The Stolen Princess” and “Mavka. The Forest Song” animated film productions.

Pavilion 4 was used for shoots of “Love in Chains” TV series.

Pavilion 5 hosted  “Doctor on Call” TV series production.

Pavilion 6 was used for making “Dr. Baby Dust”, “Sudovi spravy. Crime and Punishment” TV series (produced for “Ukraina” and “Inter” TV channels respectively),  “Kuznya zirok” (TET TV channel), and “Lyst ochikuvannya” TV show.

Pavilion 7 housed  “DoctorKomarovskySchool”, “Territoriya krasy” TV shows.

Pavilion 8 was home to the  “Ukraine’s Got Talent” TV show production.

How to rent?

You can rent or book a shooting stage, office, location or cinema, as well as get answers to questions by calling:

+380 97 469 2548       

+380 67 449 1201       

or send an email to the address

Apart from the soundstages, the studio has 1 000 sq.m. facilities that are used as offices, costumes and props warehouses, VIP make-up rooms and lounge areas.

The studio has an outdoor village setting that features a cottage house with a cozy alcove, a full-size medieval times’ fortress and even a canyon. These settings were used for shoots of  “The Rising Hawk”, “The Stronghold” and “Crazy Wedding” films.

The studio backlot also has a pond with sand banks, wooden huts and  Mavka swings. What makes it full of life is the pets like Zakhar and Berkut shephard dogs,  goats, and cats.

This very spring FILM.UA set up its own botanical garden of 248 different trees and bushes.

The studio prides itself on a diverse selection of modern and vintage cars. The costumes catalogue features 50 000 items of civilian clothes, period costumes, sci-fi genre outfits while the property department houses the collection of 60 000 different items.

The studio costumes and props can be seen in virtually every next Ukrainian film, TV series, TV show or a music video.

FILM.UA often hosts star guests and the studio friends like Kateryna Kukhar, Tina Karol, Zdob şi Zdub, Monatik, Mozgi, Masha Efrosinina, Katya Osadcha, Yuriy Gorbunov, Olya Polyakova, and Nastya Kamenskykh