FILM.UA Studio is a full-scale facility occupying ​41,600 square meters, complete with its own state-of-the-art production facilities and infrastructure perfect for film and TV production.

The complex has eight studios and sound stages at its disposal, ranging from 200 square meters in area (for a specially equipped high-tech space) to 1,200 square meters. Each sound stage is equipped to provide full support throughout shooting: state-of-the-art lighting, audio and visual equipment, comfortable dressing rooms and lounges, offices, and areas for meetings and casting.

The five larger studios are designed for movies and TV series with multiple sets. It can also handle programs and shows with complex requirements (including those intended for live broadcast). The smaller Pavilion 7 is most commonly used for photo shoots, filming music videos for popular artists and commercials for world-famous brands, and for highly technical projects and macro shoots. The largest sound stage became operational in 2012. Its 1,200 square meters of floor space and 15-meter-high ceilings make it perfect for film and television projects involving complex sets and multi-tier structures. In addition to the shooting area, the stage is equipped with auxiliary facilities (spanning a total area of 1,000 sq. m) comprising a studio production complex, administrative offices, storage for props and costumes, VIP dressing rooms and lounges.

The studio boasts a large fleet of vehicles, including a collection of rare vintage cars. We have a vast pool of props and stage decorations, two costume shops, and a full-sized replica of a Tupolev Tu-2 military aircraft used in the Bomber series. Plans for upcoming remodeling include building several other sound stages of up to ​two thousand square meters in size. The studio also owns an exterior location with a lake.