Office spaces from 150 to 500 sq.m providing comfortable work conditions are available for rent at the territory of FILM.UA studio.

The film studio complex is located in 22 Mykoly Zakrevskoho street.

The closest subway stations are Chernihivska (10 mins) and Pochayna (10 mins).

33 km to Boryspil airport, 35-minute drive max; Kyiv Passenger railway station 20 km away, 30-minute drive max.

If you live on the right bank, your commuting to office and back (morning and evening hours) will be taking place against the main traffic. The average driving time from Khreschatyk to the studio is 25 minutes in the morning peak hour.

How to rent?

You can rent or book a shooting stage, office, location or cinema, as well as get answers to questions by calling:

+380 97 469 2548       

+380 67 449 1201       

or send an email to the address

The premises are rented out both with finished decoration and with a possibility for modification taking into account the client’s needs, corporate style and individual design. 

Electric supply is provided from two independent KyivEnergo channels.

Modern telecommunications, Internet and TV broadcasting, optic fiber connection with the TV center in 10 Dorohozhytska street allowing to organize data transfer in different formats (video streams, audio streams, Ethernet) are available. Communication services are offered by several providers.

Automatic fire alarm system available.

Work safety is guaranteed by CCTV, round-the-clock security guards, alarms, and a pass system.

Specialized companies servicing the buildings’ infrastructure regularly wash external walls, windows and stained glass of the building; they also professionally clean internal common areas and adjacent territories.

There is a parking lot for cars, motorcycles, and bikes available for employees and visitors.

For business trainings and corporate events, you can use a conference hall or a meeting-room located on the territory. Pravda, a comfortable cinema hall with 72 seats and contemporary equipment, is also at your disposal.

Additional perks:

A café featuring European and Ukrainian cuisine, with a kebab terrace in the summertime.

Doctor’s office where you can get qualified medical help, massages, and other health procedures.

You can also use the services of film studio and its partners located on the same territory.

The main target audience of the film studio company is well-to-do medium and big companies working in media industry and needing office spaces. You will have TV and film industry majors as your neighbors, e.g. FILM.UA Group, Postmodern, Tak Treba Production, Mamas Production, Operator’s Technologies, Profit Production, and many others.

We will provide the most comfortable conditions for your and your employees’ productive work.