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Passenger cars
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GAZ-12 "ZIM"
Technical data
Passenger car, the number of seats - 6. Carbureted engine, six-cylinder, four-stroke, in-line. Engine capacity - 3,485 liters. Maximum speed - 120 km / h Own curb weight 1940 kg. Length - 5.53 m, width - 1,9 m, height - 1.66 m Transmission - Manual, 3-step.
History info
Years 1950-1960. Produced only 21527 pieces. One of the most original models in the history of GAZ 12 series was a car went by the name for the first seven years of his life "ZiMom." On the status of "ZIM" was the car that was to take place between the government, "ZIS-110" and the media "victory." "ZIM" - the first representative (representative) model of the Gorky Automobile Plant. As a result of design improvements in the motor vehicle have been provided good efficiency (fuel consumption does not exceed 18-19 liters per 100 km escape, which at that time was a very good indicator for the car curb weight of 1940 kg) and relatively high dynamics (maximum speed - 125 km / h acceleration time up to hundreds - 37 seconds). The interior has been lavishly decorated for the time, was equipped with a three-band radio, clock with a week plant, electric cigarette lighter, ashtray. The emergence of "Winter" has made quite a stir in the medium range. Many peoples from high command who could afford post, looking forward to bringing as quickly as possible to replace their cars on the novelty of the domestic auto industry. Newcomer "ZIM" was awarded and the new emblem of the Gorky Automobile Plant. It has retained its traditional deer, but the design is changed: the massive shield with wide chrome salary, with towering above the coat of arms of the Kremlin wall and symbolic Kremlin tower, topped with a huge red star.
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