Cinema "Pravda"

A large hall, meeting all modern requirements - area of 175 m2 (length - 15.7 m, width - 11,2 m, height - 4.5 m), equipped with air conditioning system, several lighting regimes and reliable security system.

According to the multimedia standards, the hall is equipped with modern 35-mm film projector «Kinoton», video projector «Christie-LW400», white-matte screen 8 m x 3,4 m, JBL acoustic system and «KCS», Dolby Digital cinema sound processor CP-650, «Pioneer» DVD player, «Crown» amplifiers.

In addition to the foregoing, the cinema has a sound mixing desk «Mackie», set of microphones, access to the Internet. 72 seats include 56 theatrical seats, 7 electromechanical lift recliners, and 3 three seater sofa. 

Cinema has lots of unlimited possibilities: you can run a business conference, watch your favorite movie, and spend time with friends playing on Sony PlayStation.

Cozy stylized cinema hall is a great place to celebrate parties, birthdays and even corporate events.

How to rent?

You can rent or book a shooting stage, office, location or cinema, as well as get answers to questions by calling:

+380 97 469 2548       

+380 67 449 1201       

or send an email to the address

For events organization, please contact:

Phone: +380 67 335 2747