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Passenger cars
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GAZ-M20 "Pobeda"
Technical data
Passenger car, the number of seats - 5. Carbureted engine, four-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve. Engine capacity - 2.12 l. Maximum speed - 105 km / h Own curb weight 1460 kg. Length - 4,665 m, width - 1,695 m, height - 1.64 m Transmission - Manual, 3-step.
History info
Years 1946-1958. Over the years, the assembly line descended 235999 GAZ-M20 "Pobeda". Legendary Soviet GAZ-M20 was an epoch domestic automotive industry, his first, and perhaps the only real victory. Work on the machine is in the most difficult conditions. German bombers attacked constantly GAZ, believing it to be produced armored vehicles. Despite the difficulties, June 19, 1945, five days before the Victory Day parade, a new car appeared in front of Joseph Stalin. The front part of the "Victory" was different abundance of chrome and thoughtful lines and tapered hood attached car swiftness. In each strain was felt hard work of designers who sought to create a decent Soviet car. "Victory" was the first car to massively entered the service in the taxi. Before that, only a small part of the "ZIS's" toured the streets of most major cities. A trip to the "Victory", a taxi was relatively accessible to every working person. Motor vehicles used for service as taxis, different two-tone coloring and package. It was the "Victory" was thus the first car, which appeared in the free market. During this time, the car has received a lot of positive feedback, even from foreign experts. The strongest side of the "Victory" - the ability to work on any roads - said the encyclopedia of automotive history Dzhordzhano. A respected British magazine "The Motor" after carrying out extensive testing Russian Victory said: "The design of the" Victory "is provided, above all, reliability and the ability to drive long distances in the country where the roads are bad, but service stations are few and far between each other." The secret to the success of Victory - in the very principle of designing the car: no repetition of the developed models and the creation of the machine, the current level of advanced technology.
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