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Active Discounts

A 10% discount till the end of the martial law period

A 10% discount if ordering Catering

What is the procedure?

Having confirmed the booking, we invite client’s representative to visit the studio for a tour.
Normally, we make an appointment a few days before the booking period starts, on a date
when our schedule makes the tour possible. During your visit, our staff will show you around
the studio complex and answer your questions. If the client is satisfied, we move to the next
stage, i.e. discussing the form of payment and prepare the package of documents you will
need during the booking period.

Studio Stages

Please find detailed technical data and description of our studio stages at the Studio Stages
web page.

Offices and Locations

You can review and choose an office and/or a location from the FILM.UA Studio Locations

Booking Dates and Lease Duration

Please have in mind that all our stage sets have different booking schedules. The final
confirmation of your dates and duration will be sent to you as a separate message to the
phone number or email address you have given in the process of booking.

Additional Services

While booking a studio stage, you can also use our other services, like Renting costumes,
props, retro cars, and locations and also make a booking for the Pravda movie theater


How to rent?

You can rent or book a shooting stage, office, location or cinema, as well as get answers to questions by calling:

+380 97 469 2548       

+380 67 449 1201       

or send an email to the address