Props, costumes, locations and retro cars for rent
  • Costume
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    Over 70,000 of civil clothing and some five hundred pairs of shoes are carefully stored in the wardrobe department of FILM.UA Studio. Apart from civilian clothes, the wardrobe offers some 250 sets of Soviet and German uniforms used during the Great Patriotic War which exactly match to the period.

    Costumes, shoes, headdresses and scarves, boots, bags and stoles are always ready for shooting. They are carefully cleaned after each use, steamed and made ready for the next use.

    For more information about costume rental, please contact tel.: 0 800 308 028. E-mail:
  • Props
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    FILM.UA Studio maintains a warehouse of special property, which meet the whole range of demands of film makers: from shooting of TV serials, festival products and historical epopees to production of modern films.

    Our property may satisfy requirements of the most demanding art director. We have everything to create the necessary atmosphere on the shooting stage.

    All the property are used by FILM.UA Group for its own projects and may be leased by other production studios.

    For more information about props rental, please contact tel.: 0 800 308 028. E-mail:
  • Autopark
    Pick up the car

    FILM.UA Studio possesses a large park of retro motor-cars, where every car is a unique one in terms of both engineering and restoration.

    The collection consists not only of common retro cars; it has also World War II military machines.

    All motor cars park are in running order. The FILM.UA Group uses them for production of own projects and lets them on lease.

    For more information about retro auto rental, please contact tel.: 0 800 308 028. E-mail:
  • Locations
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    FILM.UA Studio is a full-scale film studio in Kiev, Ukraine with own production facilities over a total area of 40,000 m2. In addition to the pavilions, located on its territory, our studio has a variety of locations that are suitable for shooting movies, TV series, commercials, music videos, photo shoots and TV programs.

    For more information about locations rental, please contact tel.: 0 800 308 028. E-mail:

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