FILM.UA Group provides comprehensive broadcasting services. Highly qualified professionals with years of experience in television can help you put together a channel at any stage of the process: from content search and acquisition to final launch. We work using reliable, modern equipment with built-in multi-layered failsafe mechanisms.


  • TV channels

    Presently, the group operates sіх own TV channels.

    FILMUADRAMA channel provides the content produced by FILM.UA studio, dedicated to a middle-aged female audience.

    BOLT channel broadcasts male TV shows, created by FILM.UA and Star Media, the Ukrainian film studios.

    The documentary channel EPOQUE tells about persons, events, inventions, and discoveries that left their marks on the history of humanity.

    The exclusive programs of the DACHA channel cover the issues of agriculture, vegetation, construction, home improvement of suburban housing and all around.

    All channels are available in cable networks or on satellite TV. We provide sponsorship services, from TV channel sponsorship to individual projects. Our thematic programs are available for all kinds of product placement.

  • TV channels

    36.6 is the first thematic channel, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. It provides motivational content from the fields of quality nutrition, physical activity, medicine, and psychology.

    FILMUALIVE channel invites the audience to the world of cinema. It broadcasts backstages, trailers, promo materials, showreels of released and future film projects, releases new animated films. It shows on-air life of the film studio, various educational programs, lectures of the producers and directors, and master classes of filmmakers.

    UTRAVEL is the first Ukrainian travel TV channel that was created by two film companies - FILM UA Group and Star Media. The channel will focus on two main areas of tourism coverage - travel in Ukraine and various countries through the eyes of our compatriots. UTRAVEL will popularize the tourist routes of Ukraine in an entertaining and educational format.

  • Channel programming

    If you are at the initial stages of planning a television channel, we can help ensure that you have all the information you need to make it a success. We can assist with defining your target audience, identifying key contacts for content acquisition, and drawing up a content selection strategy which meets your budget and subject requirements.

    Identifying target audience and key contacts

    Building a programming concept

    Drafting an effective broadcasting schedule

  • Content selection

    We select channel content in line with your programming vision and your budget, from finding the copyright owner to closing the deal.

    • Identifying and selecting content that meets quality and budgetary requirements

    • Content purchasing and negotiations with rights holders

    • Bringing content in line with a single

  • Playout

    Using modern equipment (software and human control of content quality, multi-stage protection against hardware failures, and backup lines), we will generate a signal that meets your parameters and send it where you need it to go.

    • Establishing an outgoing signal meeting set parameters 

    • Delivering the signal to a desired point

    • Monitoring TV channel functioning

    • Building playlists out of customer content