FILM.UA Group provides comprehensive broadcasting services. Highly qualified professionals with years of experience in television can help you put together a channel at any stage of the process: from content search and acquisition to final launch. We work using reliable, modern equipment with built-in multi-layered failsafe mechanisms.


  • TV channels

    Presently, the group operates its own TV channel (FILMUADrama), broadcasting content produced by the FILM.UA studio, intended for a middle-aged female audience. The channel is available through cable network or satellite.

    We provide sponsorship services, from sponsoring a TV channel to sponsoring an individual line.

    The channel broadcasts a range of subject-specific content open to product placement.

  • Channel programming

    If you are at the initial stages of planning a television channel, we can help ensure that you have all the information you need to make it a success. We can assist with defining your target audience, identifying key contacts for content acquisition, and drawing up a content selection strategy which meets your budget and subject requirements.

    • Identifying target audience and key contacts

    • Building a programming concept

    • Drafting an effective broadcasting schedule

  • Content selection

    We select channel content in line with your programming vision and your budget, from finding the copyright owner to closing the deal.

    • Identifying and selecting content that meets quality and budgetary requirements

    • Content purchasing and negotiations with rights holders

    • Bringing content in line with a single

  • Playout

    Using modern equipment (software and human control of content quality, multi-stage protection against hardware failures, and backup lines), we will generate a signal that meets your parameters and send it where you need it to go.

    • Establishing an outgoing signal meeting set parameters 

    • Delivering the signal to a desired point

    • Monitoring TV channel functioning

    • Building playlists out of customer content