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Passenger cars
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GAZ-13 "Chaika"
Technical data
Passenger limousine, the number of seats - 7. Carbureted engine, eight-cylinder, four stroke. Engine capacity - 5,526 liters. Maximum speed - 160 km / h Own curb weight 2110 kg. Length - 5.6 m, width - 2,0 m, height - 1.62 m Transmission - automatic hydromechanical, planetary, 3-step.
History info
Years 1959-1982. Total production of 3,179 vehicles were collected. This - not the car, it is - the ship on wheels, and the ships are not small. They are large and robust. Smooth movement of "The Seagull" can compete with many modern cars. Seamlessly overcoming obstacles in its path, this car accelerates freely to 160 km / h The name of the car was highly symbolic. Originally it was intended to serve VIPs and was to be a class above is still produced. And if there is a "Volga", then hover over it to "The Seagull." On the "Seagull" went heads of ministries and departments, ambassadors of the Soviet Union in foreign countries. As a gift from Nikita Khrushchev's "The Seagull" received Mikhail Sholokhov, Yuri Gagarin, Galina Ulanova, Fidel Castro. Production of GAZ-13 started back in 1959. Simply unique advantages for the time the car became an automatic transmission, power windows and power steering. And by design "The Seagull" with its wings was the street phenomenon, not a guest of the past, not of the future, not from some other dimension. Among the monotony of Soviet engineering it was a real dream on wheels. With all the pathos of the machine in her manner betrays the youth and some mettle - chrome trim on the rear doors give dynamism around the silhouette of the car. GAZ-13 "Chaika" is considered one of the best Soviet cars, even though its far from Soviet sources of origin.
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