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Passenger cars
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Hanomag 1,3
Technical data
Passenger car, the number of seats - 5. Carbureted engine, four-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve. Engine capacity - 1,298 liters. Maximum speed - 100 km / h Length - 4.23 m width - 1.6 m, height - 1.68 m Transmission - Manual, 4-speed.
History info
Years 1938-1943. Hanomag - an abbreviation of Hannoverische Maschinenbau AG. An old German company was founded in Hanover in 1835 still was a very well known German railway workers, as produced steam locomotives. The company then Hanomag debuted with steam trucks. But the real fame came in 1924 when he released his first Hanomag passenger car. The car was created with driving on motorways, the construction of which was carried out in large numbers in the Third Reich. Opening the car firm catalog Hanomag 1,3, buyer once ran the headline: "New roads - the new demands!". And then followed by the following text: "A counter air resistance is minimized. The car can safely travel at speeds of 100 km / h for the whole hour. " In addition to fashion design, and a number of technical advantages, Hanomag 1,3 became one of the first German car, which was used by an improved electrical system and installed an enviable number of appliances. Since Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, he always toyed with the idea of ​​"people's car". Hanomag 1,3 Fuhrer interested not so much as a means of transportation, but as a commercial product that can provide employment to a large number of unemployed and thus remove the social tensions. September 1, 1939, German troops crossed the Polish border, and the factory «Hanomag» started production of transporters and trucks for the Wehrmacht. Of the remaining pieces and parts Hanomag 1,3 until mid-1941 has collected runabout, but a complete set and not appear to have been staff cars and not carriages for walks to the sea. In all, the company of Hanover and managed to produce nearly ten thousand cars. Used as a field army of machines. Up to now the world's preserved one.
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