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Passenger cars
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BMW 326
Technical data
Passenger car, the number of seats - 4. Carbureted engine, six-cylinder, overhead valve. Engine capacity - 1,971 liters. Maximum speed - 115 km / h Own curb weight 1320 kg. Length - 4.6 m, width - 1,6 m, height - 1.54 m Transmission - Manual, 4-speed.
History info
Years 1936-1941. This "C grade" from BMW is recognized as the most successful German car pre-war years, in which comfort and representativeness played a much greater role than the characteristic BMW power and sportiness. With the release of 326 models in 1936. BMW finally clarifies and competitors, and their customers, if the name of the company is the word "motor» (BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), then it is - the best engine to date. A doubt the finest aesthetes melted at the sight of the rounded design and elegant interior trim. It can be said that the modern BMW design originates from the output of this model. This car was first seen so beloved fans of the first line of the body and aggression headlights. BMW 326 brought the company the biggest commercial success: within 5 years of release was purchased about 16 thousand cars of this model. The BMW 326 was popular not only the Germans, but also the Soviet officers who after winning trains exported products Bavarian firm to his homeland.
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