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Passenger cars
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Technical data
Passenger car, the number of seats - 4. Carbureted engine, four-cylinder, four-stroke, overhead valve. Engine capacity - 1.36 l. Maximum speed - 115 km / h Weight in running order 980 kg. Length - 4,055 m, width - 1,54 m, height - 1.56 m Transmission - Manual, 3-step and 4-step.
History info
Moskvich-407 - improved version with upgraded overhead valve engine and an improved finish, produced from May 1958 to 1963, produced 359,980 copies. The first prototypes of the new "Moskvich" were ready in 1951. To view samples of foreign automotive and joint comparative tests as the design and refinement of PCA were acquired production models of foreign cars - Italian Fiat-1100 (1953-1962) and the Lancia Aurelia (1950-1958), French Simca Aronde (1951-64) and Citroen 2CV (1948-1990), the British Hillman Minx (1948-1956), Ford Consul (1951-1956) and Jovett Javelin (1947-1953), German Ford Taunus 12M (1952-1962). Of course, none of them was used as a prototype in the "pure" form, but their design in many ways helped to choose one or another technical and stylistic solutions which had completely original design and the design of the new model of "Moskvich". In general, the pace of development and series development models have been quite high, especially in view of the limited capacity of the MZMA - as already noted, even dies for body had to produce on a foreign enterprise. The car was quite modern in appearance, structurally more rigid - and therefore more durable, much more spacious and comfortable inside than its predecessor body with a large glass area and good visibility. He had a separate trunk, which can be accessed from outside the car, not from the inside, as in the M-400/401, and the trunk lid was remote from the drive lever in the cabin, curved windshield and rear glass, a high level of interior design, was equipped with a heater with anti-icing windshield (previous model did not have a heater), flashing turn signals momentary located on top of the column cover switch (M-400/401 turn signals from the factory did not have), radio (rarely met in the base even on foreign cars in this class) . The design was relatively straightforward and utilitarian, but at the time it is modern. Mastering developed by MZMA fundamentally new overhead valve engine with hemispherical combustion chambers and an aluminum cylinder block (the project "406") did not take place for economic reasons (there was no exchange of funds for overseas machine tool required), and went into a series of engine M-407, that is, keeping the design of the block and the distance between the axes of the cylinders the same as that of the power unit "Kadett" and M-400/401, has received an increased amount of work, designed from the ground up aluminum cylinder head with overhead valves and other improvements, which allowed increase power to 45 hp with a working volume of 1358 cm ³. According to the general population included in the basic design changes it was in fact already a fundamentally new power unit, which in this case could be manufactured on the machine tools available anywhere. Upgraded car with this engine has received the designation "Moskvich-407" and was produced from May 1958. Besides the engine, it also differed due to their design (for example, there were moldings on the sidewalls) and some other parts (accelerator pedal was suspended, the starter motor - electromagnetic). Since December 1959 established a new four-speed transmission. For several years, more than 50% of the issue, "Moskvich-407" were exported as a socialist and the developed capitalist countries - France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Finland, England and others. Produced RHD modified for mass export to countries with left-hand traffic. Export versions differ are more common two-tone coloring and modified exterior. For the sake of increasing the export of the "Moskvich-407" have been removed from the conveyor wheel drive models M-410N and -411. Belgian company engaged in assembling Scaldia "Muscovites" from the kits and sell them under their own brand. Total was exported 120,903 cars. On the "Moskvich-407" factory team participated in the Thousand Lakes Rally and Acropolis.
"Usavich" Season 2 (a stolen police car, ridden protagonists), "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" (flickering in the picture car while talking with the superintendent Shurik), "Green Light", "Bullseye atom", "Beware of the Car "(a car, a hero who repairs Vyacheslav innocent)," Trip to the old car "," Formula Zero "," One, two, three "," The Tale of lost Time ", one of a series of" Happy Together "- a machine Roma" "Krosh's holiday"
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