MoCap provides a chance to express creators’ ideas with maximum accuracy, adding realistic movements and mimic to the most fantastic creatures.

Being at the edge of imagination and reality, MoCap was created to inspire filming, gaming and advertising professionals to express their creativity in a new unimaginable way.

Digital Cinema Ukraine provides integrated platform with full set of instruments and services for the complete work with MoCap service

  • Full functional pavilion
  • MoCap of body, hands and face
  • MoCap of objects
  • Virtual cam
  • Individual rigs
  • Specialized constructor
  • Casting of actors
  • Data processing
  • Playback and sound recording at the shooting stage
  • Work with choreographs and directors

MoCap is installed in full functional pavilion at the territory of the FILM.UA studio:

  • The pavilion area is 200 м2 , that allows to all creative team to work freely even if there is a lot of props
  • Pavilion is equipped with required lightening equipment, which is compatible to MoCap equipment
  • The staff was certified by the Vicon company
  • The FILM.UA studio territory concentrates full scale of services for development and implementation complex video, filming, gaming and animating projects.