Digital Laboratory



Digital Cinema Ukraine is a leader in the production of digital film copies in Ukraine. The confidentiality of data is confirmed by the CDSA security certification, which they renew annually. 


  • DCP and DCDM mastering in standard and stereoscopic formats
  • DCP film copy duplication
  • Encoding, encryption and archiving in Interopt or SMTPE DCI standards
  • Creation and delivery of security keys (KDM) to clients
  • Creating different versions of a DCP file (VF)
  • Quality control
  • Adding subtitles to a digital film copy
  • Preparation of content for film printing
  • Mastering from DCP - DVD, BD, MKV
  • Subtitle translation


The copy of the film or advertising video for screening in digital theaters must be provided in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format. Our digital cinema lab specializes in non-trivial and complex tasks related to conversion of images and sound into DCP Everything starts with us preparing a Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM)

This process consists of several steps, which include: correction of the aspect ratio of the film, conversion to XYZ color space and encoding into the JPEG2000 codec, according to the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specification. After that, the video, sound and subtitles (if any) are "packaged" into MXF files and several metadata files. In the cases when there is a need to protect the content from unauthorized access, we will include encryption in the encoding and create a Key Delivery Message (KDM) key, which will allow the content to be decrypted and played in the cinema. The final DCP is then copied to a hard drive or a flash drive.

DCU was the first in Ukraine to be certified under the program of the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA). This certification confirms that any information contained in the DCU is protected against threats, including that of piracy. We have developed and implemented a whole system of rules for general security, as well as transfer, storage and management of content.


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