Movies & TV series

Since 2002, FILM.UA Production has produced 80 films, 81 series, and 18 individual shows for television, as well as 6 motion pictures for theatrical release. More than 500 million viewers worldwide have enjoyed FILM.UA content. Our films and TV series have garnered 86 awards and 165 prize nominations from prestigious international film festivals.

Nyukhach (The Sniffer) became the first Ukrainian TV series to be sold in Europe when one of the largest channels in France, TF1, acquired the rights to adapt it. In 2015, rights were also acquired by NHK, Japan’s largest broadcasting organization. In addition, over 60 countries have acquired the rights to show the original version of the series.

Nezlamna (Battle for Sevastopol) is the first Ukrainian film to be distributed by the American company 20th Century Fox. The film’s box-office earnings in the CIS exceeded $9.2 million. Its theater audience alone totaled 2 million viewers. And the TV version of the film attracted an audience of more than 12 million. The film, a biopic about a female sniper during WWII, received 5 awards and 3 nominations at international film festivals. The rights to the picture have been sold to 22 territories.

ОЕ.20 LIVE IN KYIV is the first concert film to be theatrically released in Ukraine. On June 21, 2014, a record number of over 75,000 fans from around the world gathered at the Olympic National Sports Complex in Kiev to watch a show by the legendary Ukrainian band Okean Elzy, making it the biggest turnout at a Ukrainian concert to date. The film of the concert features 20 of the band’s best songs.

THE STRONGHOLDthe first Ukrainian fantasy feature which at the time hit record box offices during the first weekend of distribution stole the hearts of millions. Except Ukraine, the film was screened in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.   

The filming lasted for almost a year preceded by two years of preparation. 1500 experts were involved, a wooden fortress of Kyiv Rus times built and about 150 unique costumes made.

CRAZY WEDDING - the film was widely released on October 4 and as of 2018 set two national records: box office among all Ukrainian films and amount of viewers for Ukrainian-produced film. The box office amounted to almost 55 million UAH, and over 657 thousand viewers saw the film in the cinemas. Besides, the comedy beat the record of the last decade: it became the film with the highest TV ranking since 2009. On January 1, 4,279,876 viewers saw Crazy Wedding on air of 1+1 TV channel. In total, about 9 million people have seen the film on different platforms.  

Crazy Wedding comedy has become the first Ukrainian film for its format to be exported abroad. Now the filming of Wedding. Groom Imported Lithuanian comedy is in process; it will be the first international adaptation of a Ukrainian comedy.  

The theatrical activities of FILM.UA Group are swiftly gaining momentum. Starting from August, in six months seven big Ukrainian film releases are to be expected: Polina and the Secret of Film Studio fantasy feature, Foxter and Max adventure (FILM.UA Distribution is now actively working on its promotion), The Rising Hawk historical action, Mr Jones historical thriller, Crazy Wedding 2 comedy, Maid-in-Law love story, and Pulse sports drama. Besides, about ten projects are now in development and production, catering to the tastes of even the most particular viewer.

HIDE AND SEEK - Hide and Seek became the first Ukrainian series acquired by ZDFE, the biggest international distributor. This TV show is also the first Ukrainian noir presented in Cannes at MIPDrama Buyers Summit.

Even before the premiere in our country the criminal drama was showcased at famous international film festivals:  SERIES SERIES in France, The Great Series Summit in Germany, Serial Killer in the Czech Republic, etc.

LOVE IN CHAINS - Love in Chains period drama set several viewing records at once. During the premiere screening in February 2019, STB channel became the slot leader by commercially active audience 18-54 (50 +), overtaking other TV channels by 37 per cent and more!  

The last episode of Love in Chains first season had record-breaking numbers for STB series: the ranking amounted to 6.67, and the share was 20.68 (18-54, 50+). The peak share during the last minute of the first episode was 23.82.

In July the series was shown on TVP 1, a central Polish channel, and with great success!  Zniewolona (project title in translation) became the most popular program of Polish television in July. The last episodes of the second season were watched by 3.5 million viewers.