Hide and Seek

  • Genre: thriller, detective, criminal drama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2019
  • Slogan: The game has begun!
  • Status: in production
  • Production: FILM.UA
  • Running time: 8 x 50 min

In an ordinary looking apartment, a father and daughter play a game of hide-and-seek. While searching for his daughter, she is nowhere to be found... Later, a video is posted which shows the girl holding a sign with a mysterious set of numbers. But what do they mean? She’s the first of several children who disappear without a trace in a small industrial town.

Young detectives Varta Naumova and Maksim Shumov take on the complex case and… their own demons. Varta is a distant person and extremely protective of her personal space, while Maksim comes across as an easy-going sociable guy. Both have experienced trauma in their lives, and this case touches them on a deeper level. They become personally vested in finding the children and apprehending the kidnapper as they face their respective pasts.

HIDE AND SEEK has an intricate storyline and is driven by unique characters. The eight-part crime drama integrates elements of noir and thriller, while revealing touching and intimate personal stories.

Director: Iryna Gromozda
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Olesya Lukyanenko, Andriy Ryzvaniuk
Director of photography: Serhiy Krutko
Scriptwriter: Oleksandr Protsiuk

Yulia Abdel Fattakh, Pyotr Rykov, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Yakov Kucherevsky, Aleksandr Kobzar, Valeriy Legin, Yevgenia Gladiy, Aleksandr Sokolov, Vladimir Zayets, and others.