Light will overcome darkness: the release of the official trailer for the animated feature film MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG

• 01.02.2023

A month before the domestic premiere, Animagrad studio (FILM.UA Group) presents the second trailer for the animated feature. The video showcases exclusive episodes that reveal plot twists and includes a brand-new soundtrack performed by famous Ukrainian singers Khrystyna Soloviy and Artem Pyvovarov. Watch the movie in theaters and meet spring with MAVKA!

In the trailer, Mavka emerges with an entirely new image — she wakes up after winter's sleep, and her awakening prompts spring's arrival. The springs break through the ice, and the forest creatures become alive again after being asleep. That ritual resonates very much with the release date that is set for early spring.

Also, a new video tells about the fierce fight between the Forest world and the Human World.

'Since the very start of the project, we have strived to adapt Lesya Ukrainka's masterpiece 'The Forest Fong' to the family-oriented animation, to create a happy ending, and raise some relevant themes, such as ecological issues. Yet we could never have imagined how much the plot would reflect current Ukrainian events. But we believe that in both our movie and real life, the light will overcome darkness, and love will overcome evil', says MAVKA's creative producer Anna Eliseeva. 

The trailer features fantastic picturesque environments inspired by Ukraine's landscapes. But these locations are not an accurate copy of their prototypes. Based on Ukraine's breathtaking landscapes, the project's artists created a brand-new fantasy Mavka Universe.

'Mavka Universe is filled with hidden meanings, and each element is brilliantly elaborated. We want to recommend our viewers be curious when watching the trailer and the movie to avoid missing any detail. For example, Mavka's Forest. Artists crafted scrupulously every single leaf. Also, each asset includes a specific meaning. Ornaments and symbols are essential components of our story. They are shown on the trees, stones, heroes, and their garments. For example, landscapes of the hills, across which the village stretches out, are depicted in the form of Easter egg paintings, which symbolize the origin and preservation of life and fertility. And the characters’ outfits reflect their personalities and highlight the environment they live in', — comments the director of the animated feature Oleg Malamuzh.

The new video organically mixes orchestra themes by composer Dario Vero and the romantic soundtrack 'The Language of the Wind' by singer Krystyna Soloviy and Artem Pyvovarov. They came up with lyrics together, and Artem created the music. The song's release will take place on February 14, on the occasion of Valentine's Day

The general media partner of the project is 1+1 channel.

The animated feature was created with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Theatrical release provided by FILM.UA Distribution and Kinomania.


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