Compliance of Ukrainian companies with international standards confirmed: POSTMODERN has received its TPN certification – an entry ticket for cooperation with global majors

• 13.12.2021

Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony Pictures are just a few of the global leaders of film and TV content production and distribution, whose requirements for cooperation specify that they only work with companies that have the TPN certificate. The receipt of this international certification by the Ukrainian studio POSTMODERN paves the way to Hollywood not only for the company itself, but for the whole Ukrainian audiovisual industry, which possesses a big export potential.

The TPN certification is a responsible and quite time-consuming process of the comprehensive, technical, and administrative inspection of the candidate company by a specialised external auditor. The initiative belongs to the company POSTMODERN, which is a part of the FILM.UA Group and a part of the Ukrainian Media Agency. The receipt of this certification became possible with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

TPN is the Trusted Partner Network: a global initiative founded in 2018 to help companies secure their content from unauthorised use. TPN is guided by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), a non-profit organisation established back in 1922 that now unites leading content producers and advocates for their business interests. The rationale behind the TPN system was that in today's world, film and television content is created by an ever-growing ecosystem of third-party providers from different countries, each having their own approaches to security issues. And guaranteeing the security of content, which is the most valuable asset of the entertainment industry, requires unification: uniform standards that must be adhered to by all companies involved in its production. And that is precisely the issue TPN certification addresses: it helps prevent data breaches, hacking of films, TV series, and TV shows before their premiere and aims to improve the industry's overall level of security.

An independent British company specialising in TPN certification carried out a technical and administrative audit of POSTMODERN, and the examination data confirmed full compliance of the Ukrainian studio with all international safety requirements.

"With the TPN certificate, POSTMODERN is now eligible to collaborate with global leaders of the industry. In particular, this involves such majors as Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony Pictures, etc. that only work with TPN-certified partners. For them, the TPN certificate is an indication that they can do business with a company that has this certificate," says Egor Borschevsky, CEO of the POSTMODERN Studio.

Of course, POSTMODERN studio, which has been active on the dubbing market for more than ten years and provides post-production and VFX services, is not a newcomer to the international market: the company was the creator of the first Ukrainian dubbing, participated in the development of visual effects for the HBO series CHERNOBYL and the blockbuster The Wandering Earth. However, the existence of a TPN certificate will allow POSTMODERN to enter the international market much more actively and fruitfully. This is a positive development not only for the company itself, but also for the whole Ukrainian audiovisual industry, because a wider presence of POSTMODERN on the global market will increase the recognition of Ukraine, improve the international image of the country, and stimulate other Ukrainian companies to move in this direction.

The completion of the TPN certification is an important, but only the first step on a big journey. Now the Ukrainian Media Agency, which includes POSTMODERN, the Karandash animation studio, and the Ukrainian Film Guild, has plans for the next steps. Namely, it will focus on the formation of the programme for business development activities: analyzing foreign markets, reaching out to potential clients, and promoting Ukraine as a reliable international partner in the area of film and television production, which will contribute to the development of export potential of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry.


General information:

POSTMODERN is a part of FILM.UA Group, which is one of the largest Eastern European media groups, covering the full production cycle: development, production, adaptation, and distribution of audiovisual content through a vertical business structure. POSTMODERN provides a full cycle of production services (dubbing, localisation, editing, colour correction, Sound FX, Foley, music editing, Dolby mix, digital previsualisation, visual effects, animation, production of cinematics, corporate video production) for projects of any kind - from feature films, entertainment and popular-science television programs to AR/VR 360.

The USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID CEP) supports start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve their competitiveness in Ukraine's domestic market and in international markets, helps to develop a simplified and transparent business climate, and provides opportunities for Ukrainian companies to benefit from international trade.