FILM.UA Group’s Hit Series Expand Its Geography Once Again

• 24.12.2020

Broadcasting rights for the Love in Chains, The Sniffer, There Will Be People series, and other popular shows were sold to new territories.

FILM.UA Distribution shares some details on new deals regarding episodic projects of the group.

The rights in the costume drama Love in Chains, detective series The Sniffer 1-4, and family historical saga There Will Be People were sold in South Korea to the channels: WeeTV, Smile TV Plus, EXF Plus, and TVAsia Plus.

Also, FILM.UA Distribution made a deal with the biggest Italian distributor Eagle Pictures on broadcasting The Sniffer 1-4 in Italy and italophone Europe.

The historical saga in twelve episodes There Will Be People, medical drama Dr.Baby Dust 4, and The Sniffer 1-4 will air in Estonia on EЕV, ETV2, and ETV+, distributed by Eesti Rahvusringhääling. 

Besides, the rights in Love in Chains in North and South America were acquired by Olympusat media company. Aurora Bacquerie, SVP of Content Acquisition and Channels at Olympusat, says:

We’re always looking for ways to evolve Olympusat Spanish networks and platform’s content and increase the wealth of choice available to viewers. We are thrilled to conclude our third package deal with FILM.UA and bring “Love in Chains”, a high quality Ukrainian series, to brand new audiences in the Americas.”

International Sales Manager Evgeniy Drachov comments: “We are delighted that we’ve managed to put in good work right before the winter holidays. FILM.UA’s striking and diverse projects, which are increasingly recognized around the world, enter new foreign territories. These are hit series, like The Sniffer and Love in Chains, as well as products that are novel for international audiences like the historical saga There Will Be Humans. We wish fun viewing to our audience and a productive new year to our colleges.”

Also, earlier this year, the popular costume drama Love in Chains was sold in the following territories: Japan (A.K. Company), Czech Republic (Prima TV-channel), and Spain (Divinity TV-channel – a part of Mediaset España). Ukrainian premiere two seasons of the series happened in 2019, and recently the filming of the third season began. Also, an option for the local adaptation of The Sniffer on the local Indian video platform was purchased by AK Entertainments. And on Amazon Prime, the 4th season of the series premiered in South America.