A global premiere of BRAVE BUNNIES is going to happen in Ukraine

• 25.11.2020

Ukrainian viewers will be the first in the world to see the series on the PLUSPLUS TV-channel.

Ukraine, Kyiv, November 24, 2020. The world’s first premiere of BRAVE BUNNIES animated series for preschool kids will happen on Saturday, December 5, on the PLUSPLUS TV-channel. Ukraine will be the first country to see the animated series. Its goal is to assist children in their early socialization, to teach them to accept differences, and to be brave in exploring the diversity of the world around them. And in the next half-year, premieres will occur in Germany, Spain, Israel, Australia, and Finland.

Olga Cherepanova, the author of the original idea and creative producer of the series, comments:

"We are very happy that the Ukrainian viewers will be the first in the world to meet the Brave Bunnies on the PLUSPLUS TV-channel. Our talented international team has put a lot of love into this project to make it exciting for children from all over the world. While working on the script, we have consulted with psychologists to account for the age-specific features and interests of preschool children, as well as important aspects of their first socialization. In our series, the main characters will meet a lot of new friends, each with their different character, but nonetheless, will be able to find a common language and play a fun new game with every one of them.”

BRAVE BUNNIES is a brand new and unique entertainment and educational series for preschool kids. It tells the story of the curious and courageous brother and sister – Bop and Boo, who, together with their Brave Bunnies family, travel exploring the world around and making new friends. Some of those are very much unlike the Bunnies, yet they always get a BunnyBriliant idea on how to make friends with them, invent a new game, and have a lot of fun together. The project is created in co-production with a Spanish animation studio – Ánima. The team includes the Director – Tim Fehrenbach ​(Great Britain), and the Head Writer for the series – John van Bruggen ​(Canada), who have extensive experience in creating kids’ animated content. The visual style of the series is created by a famous Ukrainian illustrator ​Anna Sarvira (​Ukraine). The project is created with the support of FILM.UA Group, the State Film Agency, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


Glowberry is a Ukrainian creative production that develops high-quality content 360° for Kids and families worldwide, founded in 2009 as a publishing house. Glowberry, now a part of FILM.UA Group, grew into a production company with a big international team. Today, one of the key projects for our team is the Brave Bunnies animated series. The projects of our professional team are highly acclaimed by international experts and became shortlist finalists of global animation festivals like Cartoon Forum, Animation Production Day, Cartoon 360, Annecy International Animated Film Festival (MIFA), Ottawa International Animation Festival, The Financing Forum for Kids Content.

PLUSPLUS is a channel for animated entertaining and educational content for families with children of preschool and school-age. PLUSPLUS offers in-house products, the best hits of international animation, all-time favorites from Disney and Nickelodeon, and also edutainment programs. 

Ánima is an industry-leading animation studio with offices in Mexico City, Madrid, and the Canary Islands. It Specializes in 2D and CGI animation, and creates, produces, and manages high-quality brands, and develops original projects for kids and the whole family.