International digital premiere of The Sniffer detective series fourth season to take place on Amazon Prime

• 28.05.2020

Now you’ll be able to view all seasons of the series on Amazon Prime, one of the most popular VOD services in the world!

This week, a long-awaited international release of The Snifferfourth season will take place on Amazon Prime; the project will be available for acquisition and rent (TVOD / EST) with English subtitles.

Besides, recently SVOD rights on Amazon Prime were opened for the TV show’s second and third seasons. The first season of the project appeared on the platform in 2016 and immediately won over a whole army of aficionados.

Just a reminder: recently, an option for format adaptation in India was acquired by AK Entertainments, one of the leading integrated film production companies in the country. The company is planning to adapt the format for an as-yet-unnamed Indian OTT service.

In Ukraine, the premiere of the fourth season of The Sniffer, an iconic detective series, took place in March 2020 on ICTV. The season’s broadcasts (just like those of three previous seasons) enjoyed high rankings, and the project received a lot of positive feedback.

In the fourth season, the protagonist finds out the circumstances in which he obtained his unique gift. The Sniffer will also have to face a murderer who has been following him for a long while. 


About the project:

They call him The Sniffer. He's the proud owner of an extraordinarily acute sense of smell. He can detect things about you that you desperately want to conceal. He'll find that needle in the haystack. Don't ever doubt his extraordinary skills! But the truth is that his sense of smell is as much a curse as it is a gift. This guy can solve a mystery by having a single sniff around but what happens when all these myriads of smells force their way into his private life? Let's just put it this way – he’s not exactly a happy camper.

Genre: detective

Production: FILM.UA

Director: Artem Litvinenko

Producer: Victor Mirsky

Executive producer: Maksim Asadchiy

Director of photography: Yevgeny Gubrenko

Scriptwriter: Artem Litvinenko, Andrey Babik

Cast: Kirill Kyaro, Ivan Oganesyan, Agne Grudite, Nikolai Chindyajkin, Maria Anikanova, Nina Gogaeva and others.