Ukrainian Comedy  Hit ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ Will Be Theatrically Released In Poland

• 29.01.2020

Ukrainian top comedy conquers the world: ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ is up for a theatrical release in Poland on February 2nd. Distribution of the film is handled by Eastern European Film Distributors company.

Film will be shown in the original language with Polish subtitles.

The comedy will appear in cinemas all across the country: in Warsaw, Bielsko-Biala, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Gdynia, Gorzow Wielkopolski, Katowice, Lodz, Opole, Poznan, Rzeszow, Sosnowiec, Szczecin and Wroclaw. Our Polish colleagues have already created a website and a Facebook page for the project, so feel free to join!

It’s worth mentioning that one of the lead parts in the sequel is performed by Tomasz Sobczak - Polish stage and screen actor, theater director. Tomasz speaks Russian, and he had to learn Ukrainian specially for his part in the ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ to sound natural.

We are very happy to introduce our film to the Polish audience. Polish Film market is large and well-developed, and we note a considerable interest in Ukrainian films on it. The entry of the ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ into the Polish distribution is a worthy result of this tendency, and we hope that the audience will be pleased by it,” - says Igor Storchak, CEO FILM.UA Distribution.

Apart from the theatrical release, the TV rights for both films of the CRAZY WEDDING franchise  were acquired by a Polish TV channel Puls TV. This is an unprecedented case for the Ukrainian film industry: while Ukrainian TV series were previously acquired by Polish TV channels in the past, it's the first time a feature film is released in the territory.

Meanwhile, the comedy is still in Ukrainian theaters. In the first month it has grossed a 41 133 828 UAH box-office and 442 965  admissions.

Also, ‘Crazy Wedding’ has become the first Ukrainian film that was adapted internationally:  the format rights were sold to Lithuania and got its adaptation titled ‘Importinis jaunikis’ (Imported Husband-to-be) which is to be premiered in Lithuania cinemas on January 31st.

Releases of the ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ in other countries are coming soon, follow our announcements to stay in the know.

Just like the first part, ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ was produced by Prototype Production and FILM.UA Group, with MOZGI Entertainment as co-producer. The film is distributed in Ukraine by MMD UA and FILM.UA Distribution. 

Crazy Wedding 2’ was supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency. The first part of the comedy enjoyed tremendous local  success: it broke all the national records in the box office, and TV viewership.

Crazy Wedding 2’

Country: Ukraine

Studio: FILM.UA GROUP, Prototype Production

Type: theatrical film

Year of release: 2019

Timing: 90 mins

Genre: comedy

Director: Vlad Dykyi

Producer: Yuriy Gorbunov, Iryna Kostyuk, Nadia Korotushka, MOZGI Entertainment (Iryna Gorova, Oleksiy Potapenko)

Music producers: Oleksiy Potapenko, Oleksiy Zavgorodniy

Screenwriters: Mykola Kutsyk, Oleksiy Prykhodko

Cast: Nazar Zadniprovsky, Polina Vasylyna, Tomasz Sobczak, Jimmy Voha-Voha, Yuriy Gorbunov, Lesya Samayeva, Oleksandr Kobzar, Vira Kobzar, Inna Prykhodko, Aram Arumanyan, Potap, MONATIK, Oleksiy Suprun (Petro Bumper), Oleksiy Zavgorodniy (Pozitiv), Yuriy Gorbunov, and others.

Ukrainian premiere: December 25, 2019

Slogan: What? Again?!

Synopsis: The film events take place a year after Crazy Wedding. ANOTHER surprise, ANOTHER daughter, ANOTHER #crazywedding.

A chase, a new son-in-law, Nazariy Zapukhlyak, father Yevlampiy, monks, celeb cast, lots of crazy adventures and even more high-quality Ukrainian humor!

Made with the support of the State Film Agency