Crazy Wedding 2 has been filmed! Ten most unexpected facts about the sequel to the star comedy

• 04.10.2019

Crazy shooting has lasted for two months in Kyiv and its suburbs. The same team that shot the first part worked also on the second part of the film. However, as well as the world of heroes of Crazy Wedding, there have been new faces in the cast of the sequel. Oleksiy Zavgorodniy (Pozitiv), who will be the music producer of the film together with Potap joined the crazy duo of the priests Potap and Monatik. But it is still a secret who will play the role of just married in the second part of the film.

Recently the first official poster of the sequel was presented. Besides, the creators promise five more separated character posters for the protagonists of the comedy Crazy Wedding 2, which will soon appear on the project pages on such social networks as Facebook and Instagram.

While waiting for new surprises from the film team, we offer to meet the most unexpected facts from the set of the sequel to the Best Comedy of the Year!


Due to the Crazy Wedding, an apple tree blossomed in Pirohovo for the whole year. Museum visitors were especially surprised in the winter, when the flowering tree was covered with snow.

The fact is that the production designers had personally tied flowers to the branches of a real tree for one of the final scenes of the first part of the film. And when all the scenes with a white tree background were shot, the administration of the museum asked not to return the apple tree to its initial appearance.


The story with an apple tree has got a continuation. In the sequel, the main character meets a new son-in-law under the same tree. But the film crew again did not guess right the time of the year and... this time they tied manually apples to the branches. A whole day and a crane were needed to change an apple tree. By the way, they had to protect the tree during the night to avoid that the harvest would be reaped by someone else.


Protagonist of the first part of the film came to Ukraine to join his love. Jimmy Woha Woha, an actor, who played the groom, partially repeated a life of his character and after shooting of film he repeatedly returned to Kiev, but it was not for work any more. An actor admitted, that during the filming process, he fell in love ... with Ukraine. However, rumor holds that not only with it. Consequently, it may turn out that another Crazy Wedding is waiting for Jimmy, this time not in a shot, but in a real life. And certainly, the African-French actor is already well acquainted with local customs.


The house of the protagonist Vasyl is located in three settlements simultaneously: a bedroom is situated in the village of Khotiv, a kitchen - in the village of Shpytki, and a room of the eldest daughter - in the town of Boyarka. A good thing that all towns and villages are located in the Kyiv region - you can reach the bedroom from the kitchen with only two or three transfers.


Right in the middle of the film, the Crazy Wedding characters will turn into ... serfs! By the way, this episode, will take place on one of the original locations of the popular Ukrainian TV series Love in Chains. The reason of such fantastic transformation we will find out in the movie.


In the censer of father Eulampiy instead of incense, as it should be with real priests, the coal for a hookah was burned! As it turned out, an incense does not give such a good, dense smoke that was necessary for the shot. What is more, a hookah coal perfectly corresponds to the screen image of Potap's character.


A huge number of vyshyvankas were prepared for the main character - 365 pieces, one for every day of the year. It was not easy to amass such a collection, especially because most of them are authentic and correspond to the traditions of different regions of Ukraine.


The retro motorcycle of the Potap's, Monatik's and Pozitiv's characters is, in fact, a quite modern Yamaha. Though its side car is a part of the Hungarian motorcycle Pannonia, which was produced until 1975.

And the yellow bus is completely original, even the interior covering. And it is still operating. It is a legendary Volkswagen T1, one of the main symbols of the 60s and the hippie era. This car is very much appreciated among the collectors for its vivid appearance and historical significance. That is why, there were only two such Volkswagens in Ukraine two years ago.

Despite respectable age, our T1 played its role without a stump double, you can see it in the teaser campaign of the film and in the movie itself.


The Kalashnikov guns that figure in the shot are military weapons. For the film shooting, they were remade with blank cartridges, but, as all military weapons, these guns are registered and are kept on record of police authorities.


The Potap's, Monatik's and Pozitiv's characters will touch something grandiose and eternal in the movie. In one of the scenes of Crazy Wedding 2, the Oleksiy Zavgorodniy character goes out of the church of the 12th century. The church was ornamented by Mikhail Vrubel, a young and unknown artist at that time.

St. Cyril's Church is not the only one outstanding cultural place of interest that will appear in the film. It will be possible to discover all the historical artifacts of Kyiv from December 25 in all cinemas of the country!

Crazy Wedding 2, like its first part, is produced by Prototype Production and FILM.UA Group, with MOZGI Entertainment again serving as a co-producer.

The companies distributing this film on the territory of Ukraine are MMD UA and FILM.UA Distribution, an international distributor of studio FILM.UA Group projects.


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