In Nature

  • Type: theatrical feature film
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: in development
  • Production: FILM.UA Group, TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 90 minutes

The plot of the comedy revolves around two completely different families: cultural workers Drahomanov and district businessmen Nalyvaichenko. On the May holidays, they traditionally decide to go "for barbecues", where fate brings them to one lawn, which each family considers "their own". A dispute breaks out between them, which escalates into a grotesque "war" for a place under the grill. Suddenly, a third contender appears - a fugitive corrupt man who hid his money on the same lawn and took the youngest children of our families hostage, demanding the return of the money that disappeared from the vault. Tricks, reasons and confrontations, adventures, unexpected guests and crazy money, different views not only on the recipe for marinade for barbecue, but also on "how to live". But, in the end, love and family unity. This is a story about how different we are and how we quarrel, but in the face of a common threat, we are always the only powerful force.