• Genre: melodrama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group, TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 4 х 45 mins

Sonya has been in love with her classmate Andrey since childhood. However, he preferred another girl, beautiful Tanya. Seven years pass, and destiny brings Andrey and Sonya together again. Just as she dreamed in her youth, Sonya became an excellent surgeon, and Andrey is now a successful architect. However, both have never experienced true love. It seems that they only need to make one step towards each other, and first love will be rekindled. However, Tanya, now a wife of wealthy businessman, gets in their way again: she has decided to lure Andrey into a cruel and dangerous game…

Director: Oksana Taranenko
Producer: Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Stribuk, Viktor Mirsky, Irina Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Kirill Gorobets, Tatyana Nosenko.
Director of photography: Sergey Sokolovsky
Scriptwriter: Olga Brileva, Elena Zueva, Olga Solovieva

Elizaveta Mayskaya, Dmitry Belyakin, Irina Tkachenko, Aleksey Yarovenko, Alisa Guryeva, Aleksandr Formanchuk, Aleksey Nagrudny, Sergey Korshikov, Pavel Tekuchev, and others.