Can You Dream of More

  • Genre: melodrama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group, TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 4 х 45 mins

The dream of a regular nurse Ksenia about happy life in a new place with a man she loves is suddenly broken by news about her mother’s grave disease. Ksenia has to cancel her move abroad and look for money to pay for the expensive surgery. Left alone, without housing and work, she tries to do everything she can.  

Suddenly she receives an offer to become a nurse in the house of wealthy widow Olga Bolgova. Ksenia happily accepts it. The new house and its residents scare her at first but gradually Ksenia gets used to them. She tries to arrange life in the house and help Olga get better. To her joy, she sees her first successes. But Ksenia doesn’t understand yet which dangerous game she has been drawn into…  

Director: Aleksey Esakov
Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Viktoria Korogod, Natalya Strybuk, Iryna Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Tatyana Nosenko, Kirill Gorobets.
Director of photography: Maksim Shkrid
Scriptwriter: Lika Turluk, Anastasia Lodkina
Story by: Maksim Bernadsky

Aleksandra Sizonenko, Vlad Nikityuk, Irina Verenich-Ostrovskaya, Sergey Dzyalik, Andrey Mostrenko, Prokhor Dubravin, Aleksandr Kryuchkov, Oksana Arkhangelskaya, Eva Shevchenko-Golovko, Kirill Nikitenko, Irina Bibik, and others.