• Genre: melodrama
  • Type: TV movie
  • Year: 2006
  • Status: completed
  • Production: OKSANA BAYRAK studio
  • Running time: 104 min

Inga, a single mother who is raising an eight-year-old son, Konstantin, dreams of finding a father for the boy. However, all attempts fail, and bring only disappointment. One day a woman meets a heart surgeon Andrei and falls in love. Having sent her son to the village, the woman is preparing for the wedding celebration. At this time, Andrei cares not only about the future spouse, but also about becoming a real father for her son. On the day of the wedding, he gives Inga a certificate of adoption. The newlyweds go to the village to pick up the child from the aunt, but a terrible accident occurs. Inga dies, and Andrei remains alone with his grief. What to do now, how to live on? Can he become a real father to Kostya?

Director: Oksana Bayrak
Producer: Oksana Bayrak
Director of photography: Vitaliy Konevtsov
Scriptwriter: Elga Lyndina

Moshe Galiakhmetov, Dmitry Kharatyan, Alexandra Afanasyeva-Shevchuk, Irina Brazgovka, Vera Voronkova, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Sergey Zholobov, Ada Rogovtseva, Svetlana Timofeeva-Letunovskaya, Lyudmila Shmeleva