Vasya and Quarantine

  • Genre: comedy
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: in production
  • Production: FILM.UA

Damned quarantine limits Vasya in everything. What’s most important, his relationship with Valya is under threat; due to the danger of virus contagion, she refuses to see him… But Vasya does not give up his hope to hug his girlfriend. Will the guy manage to overcome all obstacles and talk Valya into letting him in her house?

Director: Arkadiy Nepytalyuk
Producer: Olesya Lukyanenko
Scriptwriter: Arkadiy Nepytalyuk

Dmitry Khom’yak, Natalya Kobizka, Olena Uzlyuk, Vladimir Kravchuk, Yulia Vrublevska, and others.