• Genre: drama, war drama, historical, action
  • Type: theatrical feature film
  • Year: 2020
  • Slogan: -
  • Status: completed
  • Production: MKK Film service, Inter Media
  • Running time: 94 mins

February 2014. The occupation of the Crimean Peninsula begins.

“The Cherkasy” minesweeper, along with other Ukrainian ships, is blocked in Lake Donuzlav - the path to the sea is closed by the flooded vessels of the Russian fleet. It is a trap. Our ships begin to surrender to the Russians. It seems that there is simply no other way.

The movie is based on real events. The story of the last Ukrainian ship in Crimea, which resisted and continued the courageous fight.

Director: Tymur Yaschenko
Producer: Marta Lotysh, Iryna Klymenko
Director of photography: Yuriy Dunay
Scriptwriter: Tymur Yaschenko, Robert Kvilman
Costume designer: Daria Kochneva
Makeup artist: Maria Pilunska

Roman Semysal, Dmytro Sova, Yevgen Lamakh, Oleg Sherbyna, Ruslan Koval