The Post

  • Genre: melodrama, comedy, detective
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: in production
  • Production: FILM.UA, TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 40 x 45 min

Elena (40 years) is arranged at the post office as a freight forwarder. Freight forwarder Andrew (45) is not very satisfied with the new partner, he does not trust women at the wheel. But with time, sympathy occurs between Elena and Andrei, and not without the help of their children - Julia and Gleb. Andrew - a lone dad, Elena - a lone mother, it would seem that nothing can ruin their relationship ... But the mysteries and mistakes of the past will play an evil joke on them...

Passions run high in the post office as well. The head of the department Artem (30) conquers peaks of post service and does not want to notice the employee Milana (25) who dreams of gaining his heart. Artem's mother and his younger brother, Gena, also make adjustments to the department's life…

All heroes face unusual situations every day but do not remain indifferent to the problems of clients of the post office, helping them to get out of difficult situations…

Director: Aleksandr Parkhomenko
Producer: Irina Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Elena Kanishevska, Sergey Demidov
Creative producer: Yulia Mischenko
Director of photography: Vladimir Ostapets
Scriptwriter: Mark Shparber, Tatyana Ereskina, Olga Artyukh, Sergey and Natalia Shevchenko, Inga Balitskaya, Irina Feofanova, Lesya Shovkun, Katerina Pekur and Antonina Pikhovshek, Evgeny Bilanyuk and Pavel Pashtet-Belyansky.

Elena Mikhaylichenko, Elena Repina, Valentina Vovchenko-Baranovskaya, Yaroslav Shinder, Vladislav Goncharov, Pyotr Ninyovsky, Roman Lukyanov, Anastasia Nesterenko, and others.