• Genre: musical, educational
  • Type: animated series
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: in production
  • Production: Glowberry, Anima
  • Running time: 52 х 7 min

Family of Brave Bunnies decides to change their usual rhythm of bunnies life at Carrot Valley and sets off for a big Journey to explore the great big world. Wherever they stop, Bop and Boo bump into someone new and DIFFERENT! Bunnies invite the new friend to dance and sing a bounce Friendship song together. Then they draw the new friend in their 'Bunny-Friends' album - look how many different friends they meet

With this show we hope to encourage curiosity and empathy in children, so that they embrace, respect, and celebrate the diversity of our world.

Director: Tim Fehrenbach
Creative producer: Olga Cherepanova