Doctor On Call - 4/5

  • Genre: melodrama, detective, medical drama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA, TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 80 х 45 mins

Every day hundreds of new patients arrive at the emergency room. All of them have their case records which hide conflicts and problems. Sometimes it is impossible to diagnose and prescribe treatment without revealing this mystery. The doctors become not just witnesses but hostages to the dramas and secrets of their patients, helping them both to get better and to make vital decisions.  

Our characters are four emergency doctors. Each has a story of choosing medicine as a career path and own treatment methods. Somebody gives his all to work, and someone else still manages to reconcile favorite profession and personal life.

These four are no superheroes, but they are people performing heroic feats 24/7 because they save human lives.

In the new season, deputy minister sends a new doctor to the clinic to replace doctor Mazur who is still in a coma. The newbie, Oleg Dobryvechir, has just come back from the frontline and has a hard time fitting in among the coworkers. Very soon, however, a colleague will melt his heart. Meanwhile, ambitious Irodiada Ferenz will give it her all to get rid of head doctor Ivan Petrovych and become promoted to his post.  

Director: Pavel Maschenko, Andriy Osmolovsky
Producer: Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Olena Kanishevska
Creative producer: Yulia Mischenko
Executive producer: Ella Boblenyuk
Director of photography: Dmytro Oksamytny
Scriptwriter: Yulia Mischenko

Iryna Tkalenko, Ruslan Sokolnyk, Nadia Levchenko, Oleksandr Norchuk, Mykhaylo Romanov, Oleksandra Polguy, Svitlana Knyazeva, Sofi Pashkual, Valentyna Baranovska, Leonid Popadko, Halyna Bortnovska, Viktoria Levchenko, Sheloumova Larysa, Bohdan Oleynyk, Olena Novikova