• Genre: reality
  • Type: TV program
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA, StoryLab Ukraine
  • Running time: 26 min

Initially developed in Ukraine as an entertaining part of social ecosysten focused on road safety aiming fight disastrous statistics of traffic accidents.

Star Guests gets the wheel of a staRRRide and joins the Host Singer to complete a city route full of surprises, laughs, hard questions, songs and of course mistakes (both in and outside a car). 

Routes are different in each episode but have similar length and complexity. Multiple-eyes Expert (professional motor-sportsman) receives info from mobile cameramen and drones. He comments on Guest's road behavior, presents car features and penalizes Guest with 1 or 3 point for each traffic violation (Star Guest has only 12 points at the beginning). Expert's mission is to detect and explain mistakes on a Star example and give hints to the audience on how to avoid them. Most reasonable star drivers recieve a prize — special staRRRide car sticker.

Director: Tanya Nikitina
Producer: Pavel Cherepin
Executive producer: Pavel Cherepin, Nadia Korotushka
Director of photography: Maxim Tuzhilin
Scriptwriter: Pavel Cherepin, Natalia Gordienko, Maria Naumenko, Nadia Korotushka