• Genre: thriller, drama, melodrama, detective
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA, OKSANA BAYRAK studio
  • Running time: 16 х 52 mins

The story unfolds in the early '90s in the military border town, where Dmitry and Katia Bogdanov arrived at the place of service. The young Katya immediately falls in love with the political officer of Ognev, a lone wolf. The chief of the outpost, major Kalinin, does not marry his warrior friend Raisa, he is secretly in love with another. Peaceful life in the town ends with a drama: several major characters die after an explosion of the house ...

It is 20 years later. A successful businessman, Vadim Ognev, meets Masha, the spitting image of Katya, whom he loved all his life. He understands that he will not miss his happiness for the second time! It suddenly turns out that the explosion that killed people on the pit was not accidental and the suspicion falls on Ognev... Each of the heroes has to go their own way to find out the truth and to move on...

Director: Oksana Bayrak
Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Oksana Bayrak
Director of photography: Aleksey Tsvelodub, Igor Scherbakov

Maksim Drozd, Anton Batyrev, Ekaterina Tyshkevich, Nadezhda Meykher-Granovskaya, Ekaterina Semyonova, Natali Starynkevich, Pyotr Rykov, Anastasia Bunina, Valentin Tomusyak, Alla Maslennikova, Irina Yevfremova, Regimantas Adomaitis, Vladimir Gladkiy, Gleb Kalyuzhniy, and others.