The favorite teacher

The favorite teacher
  • Genre: drama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2016
  • Slogan: The most difficult exam
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group
  • Running time: 8 х 52 min

With the appearance of new teacher at school, the life of high school senior Ignat Kalinin has changed once and for all. From the very first glance he understands that Ulyana Sergeyevna is the love of his life. As for the young teacher, she dismisses the boy’s feelings as not serious enough...The school year goes by with the first love, first life lessons, first trials and a hope for real life starting after the last class hour ends. A fight erupts at the graduation, and Ignat’s best friend dies at the police station. This murder is attributed to the main character, and his life falls to pieces.

The boy faces jail and betrayal, jealousy and wish for revenge; he feels guilty and tries to get on with his life… How to manage all of it? Ignat finds strength and hope in his first school love, but will he be able to keep this beautiful feeling intact after all tribulations? Will Ulyana Sergeyevna listen to her heart? And who is to answer for the broken destinies of these people?

Director: Leonid Belozorovich
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Maxim Asadchiy
Director of photography: Svetlana Kruglikova
Scriptwriter: Maria Bek, Elena Boiko

Alina Sergeeva, Oleg Gaas, Anna Adamovich, Alexey Nagrudny, Olga Radchuk, Aliona Uzliuk, Vladimir Koval, Irina Mak, Boris Georgievsky, Oleg Maslennikov,Valeria Guliaeva, Roman Matsiuta