Forget and Recall

Forget and Recall
  • Genre: thriller, melodrama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group
  • Running time: 12 х 44 min

A wealthy fiancee with impeccable manners who starts from elegant courtship moving to a posh wedding – all that would be the stuff of dreams for many girls, let alone a 17-year-old Natasha raised in an orphanage. Is there something hiding behind the facade of this dolce vita? Having found a diary of her predecessor, the first wife of businessman and politician Leonid Mazov, she finds out that this woman died in strange circumstances. Natasha understands that disappearing without a trace is her only chance to stay alive. So the girl stages her death, but seven years later her past comes back to haunt her…

Director: Maksim Mekheda
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Katerina Shvets
Director of photography: Alexander Krishtalovich
Scriptwriter: Daria Fominykh Dezombre. With the participation of Magamet Bachayev.

Alexander Kobzar, Anna Vasilieva, Anton Sokolov, Alexander Getmansky, Tatiana Lialina, Ksenia Zhdanova, Mark Drobot, Andrey Mostrenko, Irina Mak, Mikhail Dosenko, Yakov Kucherevsky, Igor Rubashkin