Jules Verne. A Life Long Journey

Jules Verne. A Life Long Journey
  • Genre: docudrama
  • Type: documentary
  • Year: 2012
  • Slogan: A life-long journey.
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group, Signal Red
  • Running time: 52 min

The traveler who never leaves his cabinet – that’s what his contemporaries used to call Jules Verne. He was a person with an extraordinary lust for life whose fantasy had no limits, he literally taught us how to dream. Which of us did not aspire of circling the world with Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout? Who hasn’t dreamt of roaming the sea with captain Nemo on his quest for vengeance?

This film is yet another piece from the series “Great Dreamers” which already includes some of the most well-known visionaries such as Nicola Tesla (“Free Energy of Tesla”) and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (“Tsiolkovsky’s Worlds of Miracle”). By having utilized advanced CGI technologies we were able to recreate the life of outstanding persons, pioneers and path breakers in science and research. But that’s not just it. The audience is in for a treat. We’ve taken it a step further -every program of the series aims to re-imagine the dreams and fantasies of those who had altered the course of events, who managed to do what appeared to be implausible at the time.

Director: Mikhail Kostrov
Creative director: Eugene Sannikov
Producer: Sergey Sozanovsky, Igor Storchak
Creative producer: Oksana Maidanskaya
Director of photography: Vladimir Kratinov

Roman Skobnikov