Black Sheep

Black Sheep
  • Genre: drama, war drama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2010
  • Slogan: One victory for all
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group
  • Running time: 4 х 52 min or 110 min

The story unfolds during World War II. Seven prisoners succeed in breaking from high security prison and take refuge in godforsaken village. With no time to catch their breath, the escapees are faced with a new trial, as a German subversion group appears in the neighborhood. Overnight the recent enemies of the state turn into its ardent defenders.

War ruins the fates of millions of people, but sometimes war is what it takes to make the complete rogues recollect what it means to be HUMAN.

Director: Serhey Chekalov
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Sergey Antonov
Executive producer: Andrey Rizvanyuk
Director of photography: Vyacheslav Lazarev
Scriptwriter: Igor Shvetsov

Kiril Rubtsov, Victor Solovyev, Mikhail Tarabukin, Andrey Frolov, Alexey Longin, Mukhtar Gusengadzhiyev, Alexey Dmitriyev