The Werewolf Hunt

The Werewolf Hunt
  • Genre: war drama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2009
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA Group
  • Running time: 4 х 52 min OR 110 min

During World War II the Soviet High Command receives intel according to which the Nazi’s are planning on setting up a command center called Werewolf somewhere on the grounds of Ukraine. This Werewolf is of exceptional strategic importance.

A Soviet reconnaissance unit, led by Major Sedov, is deployed in the area. Their official order is to obtain and transmit information concerning the location of the object and the enemy’s military strength. But it is not until the group takes the fight deep into the enemy's lair and finds out the actual goal pursued by the Soviet High Command. This was nothing but a suicide mission from the start. Major Sedov realizes that his people are but pawns in a bigger game. The pawns, however, do sometimes become queens.

Director: Evgeny Mitrofanov
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Maxim Asadchy, Sergey Nedzelsky
Director of photography: Mikhail Kvirikadze

Vladimir Litvinov, Boris Galkin, Viacheslav Razbegayev, Pavel Trubiner, Mikhail Yefremov, Yevgenia Glady, Vladimir Goriansky