FILM.UA Group and Signal Red’s "Great Dreamers” burst onto the global content market: distribution agreement signed with Off The Fence

• 15.03.2013

One of the world's leading distributors of TV content, the company Off The Fence, has included in its catalogue series of docudramas "Great dreamers” production of Ukrainian companies FILM.UA and Signal RED.

Project "Great dreamers” is a series of programs devoted to outstanding persons, pioneers and path breakers in science and research, whose ideas were ahead of their time and seemed daring and unrealistic. Among them: Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Alfred Nobel, Archimedes and others. 

Using dramatic reconstructions and modern computer graphics, the creators were able to show not only the main stages of the life of great personalities, but their dreams, fantasies, plans and vision of the future of human civilization.

"The appearance of our product in the catalogue of one of the world's largest distributors OFF The Fence - is not only FILM.UA Group’s success, but also a signal for the international market, that our area is a source of competitive, high quality, modern content", - said the director of FILM. UA Distribution Igor Storchak.

Off The Fence, established in 1994 in Amsterdam , is an award-winning integrated content company. Its catalogue, an impressive collection of over 6000 hours of factual programming, continues to capture audiences imaginations worldwide.

Off The Fence produces and distributes content in such genres: nature & wildlife, science & technology, history, lifestyle, travel & adventure, people, places & culture. It co-produces films with the best in the business and counts National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Voom, NHK, France Télévisions, Arte, Canal Plus, BR, ZDF and NDR among its partners.