New Crazy Adventures That Will Turn Yablunivka Upside Down: Filming of "Crazy Neighbors 3" Has Concluded

• 17.06.2024

All fans of the "crazy" cinematic universe, get ready. This fall, the beloved family comedy series "Crazy Neighbors 3" will continue on the TET channel. Filming of the third season of the iconic Ukrainian hit took place throughout the spring and concluded in early June, so viewers can soon expect new wild adventures that will turn Yablunivka upside down.

In the continuation of the most successful comedy franchise, tensions between neighbors will ignite with new intensity. Vasyl and Halyna Seredyuk return home from Paris and embark on a daring adventure. They risk everything to be closer to their children and grandson but suddenly fall victim to real estate scammers. Thus, the Seredyuks are forced to forget old grudges and move in under the same roof as the Kryzhanivskys, who have also been duped.

However, the real crazy adventures in Yablunivka begin when a third owner appears for the new house – former restaurateur from "Dino Café," Andriy Boyko. And he returns from Kyiv not alone. No, not with his ex-wife, or even with a new one, but with his dictator-like mother, Larysa, who has no intention of getting along with the Seredyuks and Kryzhanivskys. She starts her own game, turning the neighbors' lives into a true test. This distinctive character and the main antagonist of the season will be portrayed by People's Artist Olha Sumska. Joining the main cast for the first time, she will relentlessly pit the neighbors against each other.

The leading roles in the third season of the crazy comedy are played by the talented and unchanged Nazar Zadniprovskyi, Lesia Samaieva, Vira Kobzar, Vitaliy Ivanchenko, Anna Koshmal, Yuriy Horbunov, Aram Arzumanyan, Inna Prykhodko, Polina Vasylina, Jimmy Woha-Woha, Kyra Sayapina, Vyacheslav Babenkov, and others. The director remains Oleh Borshchevskyi.

More beloved characters, more family humor, more mishaps, and spiced-up neighborly relations. Watch how eternal rivals overcome new obstacles and unite for a common goal with your whole family in the continuation of the iconic Ukrainian comedy. Boost your mood with your favorite "Crazy Neighbors" this fall on the TET channel.

Produced by: FILM.UA Group and Prototype Production commissioned by TET channel
Producers: Yuriy Horbunov, Iryna Kostyuk, Serhiy Sozanovskyi
Showrunners, Creative Producers, and Scriptwriters: Mykola Kutsyk, Yaroslav Sten, Bohdan Hatsilyak, Kyrylo Tymchenko
Executive Producer: Kyrylo Horobets
Director: Oleh Borshchevskyi
Production Designer: Volodymyr Lysak
Cinematographer: Danylo Dedkov
General Producer of TET channel: Oksana Petryshyn
Creative Producer of TET channel: Roman Lukin