Beloved characters are returning: filming for the second season of "New Life" has begun on "1+1 Ukraine."

• 13.05.2024

"1+1 Ukraine" in collaboration with FILM.UA Group has commenced filming the continuation of one of the most popular medical series, "New Life." The premiere will be available at the beginning of the new television season on "1+1 Ukraine." The first season concluded with obstetrician-gynecologist Mykhailo Honchar reconciling with Olena Rudenko, but he is unaware of her decision to become a combat medic on the front lines. Where the destinies of the beloved series characters will lead - viewers of "1+1 Ukraine" will see this fall.

It's known that in the second season, Honchar continues his work at the capital's Research Center for Obstetrics and Reproductology. His relationship with Olena undergoes new trials. Meanwhile, Andriy Balyuk feels uncomfortable in civilian life, so he seeks opportunities to join medical assistance for expectant mothers in frontline territories.

Returning to their roles are Andriy Isaenko, Taras Tsymbaliuk, Oleksiy Nahrudnyi, Oleksandra Liuta, Slava Krasovska, Oleksandra Epstein, Anastasiya Tsimbalaru, Nina Naboka, Olena Mykhaylichenko, Anatoliy Tykhomyrov, Liudmyla Kurmel, Viktoriia Kleshchenko-Pilypchuk, Kyrylo Prokopchuk, Yaroslav Shaktorin. Additionally, new heroes await viewers in the second season. Details about which other Ukrainian actors have joined the most popular medical series will be revealed later.

Filming for the new season is taking place in a specially constructed pavilion at FILM.UA, where a real large hospital with modern medical equipment has been created.

The producers of the series from "1+1 Ukraine" are Olesia Pazenko and Inna Kondratiuk.
Showrunner: Yuliia Mishchenko
Director: Andriy Kolesnyk
Director of Photography: Anastasiya Hnucha
Production Designer: Nataliia Bartash
Makeup Artist: Kateryna Meleshko
Costume Designer: Tetiana Bessarabova
Author's Group: Olha Artiukh, Mark Shparber, Serhii and Nataliia Shevchenko.

Let's remind that 1+1 media and FILM.UA Group have joined their efforts in difficult times for the development of Ukrainian cinema and television production. The media groups have signed an agreement for joint production of series and feature films in 2024.

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