Mavka-Themed Dolls Released in Collaboration with the Kraina Igrashok Brand

• 08.05.2024

The outfits worn by the main character in the animated feature film MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG, produced by Animagrad studio, inspired the company Kraina Igrashok to create a special range of dolls. You can buy them at Epicenter, Budynok Igrashok, and Antoshka stores, and at the FILM.UA Store.

The dolls’ design is based on the original outfits worn by Mavka – the Forest Guardian in the film, with some extra special touches. The collection includes four different outfits: a winter one, with blue hair after the winter slumbers and a flower crown of red viburnum; a traditional costume that Mavka wears at the village fair when disguised as an ordinary girl; a ceremonial outfit, from the initiation episode where Mavka becomes the Forest Guardian; and a long, festive dress with a lush flower crown that she wears in the final scene of the film.

“The artists worked painstakingly to create each of Mavka’s new looks. And we wanted to share the beauty of traditional Ukrainian clothing through animation. We aimed to achieve the same thing when developing the range of dolls,” notes Anna Eliseeva, the producer.

The toy Mavkas’ faces are covered with ancient Ukrainian runes, just like the ones seen on Mavka’s face in the film. And their crowning glory? Some gorgeous flower crowns.

“The dolls were a long time in the making. We had the pleasure of starting discussions with Kraina Igrashok five years ago. We worked really hard on the design and had a lot of challenges with the supply of materials. First, there was the pandemic, and then the full-scale invasion started. Finally, we got the chance to bring fans of the film some joy and expand Mavka’s Universe with another collaboration and product type,” says producer Iryna Kostyuk.

And there’s more! Each toy comes with a QR code on the back of the packaging that lets you listen to the entire soundtrack from the film.

Kraina Igrashok has been developing kids' toys and working with global brand licenses for many years, and we're proud to have collaborated with Ukrainian film and animation artists. Our team worked on the project with inspiration, and it paid off. The doll collection has the authenticity and magic of an animated movie, which makes the product truly unique. "We're grateful to the producers for the chance to be involved in the Ukrainian project and hope to work with them again soon," says Viacheslav Shamatazhy, director of the Kraina Igrashok company.

The range of licensed dolls was released with the support of Nerd Agency.

Find out more about all the exciting events associated with the expanding Mavka Universe on its official pages on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and on the official website. If you would like to launch a collaboration with Mavka, please contact Nerd Agency.