"1+1 Ukraine" and FILM.UA Group are working on the second season of the beloved medical series "New Life."

• 19.03.2024

"1+1 Ukraine" and FILM.UA Group have begun working on the second season of one of Ukraine's most popular medical dramas, "New Life." Viewers can expect even more unpredictable twists in the story of the talented obstetrician-gynecologist Mykhailo Honchar.

The events of the second season will unfold in the familiar setting of the Scientific Research Center of Obstetrics and Reproductology in the capital, where pregnant women with pathologies and complications from all over Ukraine are referred. Mykhailo Honchar will continue his important work, seeing patients and solving new medical cases. In the new season, viewers will learn how the story of Yuriy Serdyuk unfolds and whether Pyshna will return with the child. Also, they will discover if Andriy Balyuk will succeed in his career and how his relationship with Liliya Lastivka will develop.

The shooting of the new season will take place in a specially built pavilion at FILM.UA, where a real large hospital with modern medical equipment has been created.

"New Life" became one of the most popular series on Ukrainian television in the fall of last year and the best series premiere of 1+1 media. The average share of premiere episodes among the audience aged 18-54 (50+) was 8.6%, with a rating of 2.3%. The first episode gathered 1.8 million views on the "1+1" YouTube channel. Episodes of the series made it to YouTube trends. In total, all episodes of the first season of the series on this platform gathered 42 million views.

Recall that 1+1 media and FILM.UA Group have joined forces in difficult times for the development of Ukrainian cinema and television production. The media groups have entered into an agreement for joint production of series and feature films in 2024.

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