Women in the Ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: How War Erases Gender Boundaries. FILM.UA Group Presents a New Documentary Series "Military"

• 16.02.2024

The new project "Military", on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, will tell the stories of 8 female warriors who risk their lives every day to ensure that Ukraine remains free and independent. Each episode of the documentary series will introduce a new heroine and her story of joining the military, accompanied by visual imagery.

Since February 24, 2022, Ukraine has heroically resisted the aggression of Russian occupiers. Defending their families, homes, and future are entirely different individuals who share a common goal - to liberate our lands from invaders.

Currently, over 60,000 women stand in defense of Ukraine, with more than 42,000 joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The documentary series "Military" consists of 8 short episodes, each depicting the story of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The project will help better understand their motivations, experiences, and feelings.

These brave heroines will tell us how they made the decision to join the military, what their life was like "before", how they maintain their psychological well-being in service, about the problems of discrimination against women in the military, and cover many other topics, including courage, struggle, and dedication to their homeland.

The project trailer can be viewed on YouTube: Trailer Link

The stories of these defenders serve as an important example for anyone considering joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and most importantly, they inspire other women, proving that female skills and courage are valuable in any field.

Yes, "Military", nicknamed FOX, a Thai boxing coach and European champion, is now a combat medic in a assault unit, aiming not only to storm but also to rescue wounded comrades.

Oleksandra, nicknamed "Dandelion", began defending Ukraine even before February 24, 2022, while simultaneously completing her studies at the institute, and now she is the chief of the medical unit of a mechanized battalion.

Mobilizing from the first days of the full-scale invasion, defender Lera (Lagerta) first became a grenadier and later a commander of an RPG calculation.

Tetiana is one of two women in the infantry unit who was sent to the Donetsk region immediately after graduating from the military academy.

Warrior Veronica was born and lived in the Donetsk region, later moving to Kharkiv, and could not sit idly by while the enemy knocked on her door. Intercepting messages from occupiers and tracking their activity is the main task of the girl.

Before the full-scale invasion, Yulia (Bagira) worked as a nurse in a private clinic and was ready to join the Armed Forces from the first days. Along with her colleagues, she transports wounded soldiers to hospitals.

Daria, nicknamed DSHK, was in occupation for the first 2 months of the full-scale war in the city of Kherson. Principles and a thirst for justice prompted the delicate girl to join the ranks of the 3rd separate assault brigade to destroy the occupiers alongside men, liberating our land.

Svitlana is the commander of an artillery reconnaissance battery, in other words, she finds enemy infantry and equipment and then transmits coordinates to our War Gods for their destruction! In the few free moments she has, Svitlana creates toys, distracting herself from the difficult days on the front lines!

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