New series "Dream Catcher": Premiere on "1+1 Ukraine" channel!

• 05.02.2024

Scripted-reality "Dream Catcher", a joint production of FILM.UA Group and "1+1 Ukraine" channel, presents the official poster and premiere date.

The series revolves around human relationships, where a brilliant psychologist helps people find a way out of complex life situations by interpreting their dreams.

Each episode tells a familiar life story: misunderstandings with loved ones, family secrets, conflicts at work.

Nazar Semenovych Lutyy is a gifted individual who understands the language of dreams. This sarcastic, insightful, provocative master of sharp humor does his job clearly, skillfully, and effortlessly!

His unconventional approach is a real challenge for the characters. He forces people out of their comfort zone to solve their problems on their own. For his unique talent, he is called the Dream Catcher.

Nazar literally sees through people, noticing the smallest details. He instantly understands clients' problems but always remains mysterious. He never delivers a verdict on the first day of the meeting!

Don't miss the premiere of the new series "Dream Catcher" produced by FILM.UA Group starting from February 19 at 16:15 on 1+1 Ukraine.

The project is supported by "TM Sonobarbal Caps".