1+1 Ukraine and FILM.UA launch Dreamcatcher project under a joint agreement on film and TV series production

• 22.09.2023

1+1 media and FILM.UA Group have joined forces in challenging times to promote the production of Ukrainian films and TV series. The first project to be realized under the joint agreement is Dreamcatcher — the 80-episode scripted reality show. It is the original Ukrainian production for 1+1 Ukraine.

"We are proud of our long-standing cooperation with FILM.UA Group and several new projects we implement together. Nowadays, it is very important to unite and drive the market so that the industry works and the viewers of 1+1 Ukraine channel have access to new relevant content,” commented Maxim Kryvytskyi, General Producer of 1+1 Channel and Head of Television Business at 1+1 media.

In the new Dreamcatcher project, the protagonist acts as a mediator between the world of dreams and real life, helping people to understand themselves and reconsider their view of life. At a young age, Nazar Liutyi was unable to unravel the meaning of his dreams and save his parents from death. Now he hardly sleeps and listens to the stories of his patients, trying to help them decipher the meaning of their dreams and solve their problems. Dreams have always been a mysterious phenomenon that has attracted the attention of many. But what if they can serve not only as signs or warnings, but also as keys to solving life's problems? 

‟The film production industry is strategically important for our country. People need their own heroes, relatable stories, relatable themes and narratives as much as they need a roof over their heads and food on their tables. At a time when the country has clear priorities, it is the commercial structures that should come together to create new Ukrainian stories. We are delighted to be working with our long-term partner 1+1 Group on this important project,” said Victoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO of FILM.UA Group .

Ukrainian actor Serhiy Kysil stars in Dreamcatcher. His filmography includes the series Cop from the Past and The Color of Passion. The project is being filmed in Kyiv.

The producers of the series on 1+1 Ukraine are Maksym Kryvytskyi, Olesya Pazenko and Inna Kondratiuk. On behalf of FILM.UA, the series is produced by Iryna Kostiuk, Olena Kanishevska, Dariia Deinichenko, Maksym Chudakovskyi and Zoia Soshenko. The film directors are Oleksii Daruha, Tina Turianytsia, Viktor Sukhobrus and Serhii Sotnychenko. The main writer is Laura Hrodetska. 

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