We present a new teaser for the With of Konotop horror movie, the first project in FILM.UA Group’s lineup of horror films based on a mythology background.

• 22.06.2023

The plot reveals around a Witch from Konotop, who falls in love with an ordinary guy and gives up her supernatural ability. But since the war starts, russian soldiers occupy her hometown and kill her beloved one, she decides to revenge, bringing her power back, and making a punishment for the murders of her fiance, causing them to suffer painfully.

The movie is inspired by a real story of a woman from Konotop as well as images from Ukrainian mysticism.



The Witch is performed by actress Tetyana Malkova.


The teaser was created by: 

- Director and screenwriter Yaroslav Voytseshek;

- Producer Iryna Kostyuk;

- Executive Producer Kyrylo Horobets;

- Director of the camera Serhii Revutskiy;

- Edited by Alexander Obraz;

- Prosthetic makeup Svitlana Rymakova, Masha Petrovska;

- Development of the Witch’s image Olha Navrotska.


Music score:

- Lyrics Liudmyla Horova;

- Music Angy Kreyda.

- Musical arrangement and sound design Alexander Obraz.