Wartime collaboration: The shooting of the Ukrainian episode of the most popular show “The song of my life” has been completed in Finland.

• 29.09.2022

 A special episode of the popular show "The song of my life" was shot in the Finnish city of Tampere on September 27. It was jointly developed by the Finnish production company Yellow Film & TV and the Ukrainian media companies 1+1 media and FILM.UA Group. The episode is dedicated to Ukraine and created in the Ukrainian language. It is designed to introduce as many people as possible to our culture, which has become a powerful weapon in wartime.

"Our struggle on the cultural front continues. We are grateful to our Finnish colleagues for the opportunity to carry out such a project. It was a completely new and interesting experience for our team. We believe that such a Big Brave initiative will find a response in the Ukrainian audience, because the format of the show is particularly relevant for our realities. Because the song helps to experience grief, create, inspire and move forward to Victory. We will talk about such songs of life in this special episode", Volodymyr Zavadyuk, head of Big Shows of 1+1 media and the Big Brave Events initiative, shares his impressions of the filming.

“For us, this project has become a very important step towards the resumption of content production, a chance to tell the world about Ukraine, about a country that can not only fight, but also create, work, invent, sing and laugh. We are so thankful to the Yellow Film & TV team and YLE for this opportunity, their support, hospitality and wonderful experience. The work on the project inspired the FILM.UA and 1+1 media teams endlessly. This is the first step on a long journey”, Victoria Yarmoschuk, CEO of FILM.UA.

“I’m so happy and grateful that our “crazy” idea which was invented in Budapest in June really succeeded! This was a very special project with our great Ukrainian colleagues and the whole Finnish amazing crew. This project proved that music really unites and stories are universal”, Anna-Maria Meurman, Executive Producer at Yellow Film & TV.

“It was incredibly moving to see how excited the guests and the host were to play The Song of my Life.  The magic of the format really got into them. There were lots of laughs and some really touching moments. We deeply hope that this show brings hope and joy during the hard time you are going through”, Petja Peltomaa, Creator of the show, Yellow Film & TV.

In the special episode, which was hosted by Kateryna Osadcha, the audience will meet the star participants, whose songs of life the guests will try to guess. These are DOROFEEVA, singer; Timur Miroshnychenko, TV presenter of 1+1 channel; Taras Topolya, frontman of the band "Antytila" and our national pride Mykhailo Romanchuk and Maryna Beh, spouses of athletes. Selected songs, which according to the rules of the show no one will know for sure, will be performed live by Ukrainian artists KOLA and LAUD. The winner is the one who guesses the songs chosen by the celebrities the most times. Finnish celebrities such as Diandra, Arja Saijonmaa, Kasmir, Irina, JP Leppäluoto will also perform in this episode. The popular Finnish TV presenter Katja Ståhl will open the show. The Finnish singers and Katja wanted to send a message to the Ukrainian people: ”We love you and we stand with you!”

“It is important that the Finnish audience will see the whole episode of the most popular show dedicated to Ukraine in prime time. Moreover, in Ukrainian. What were we talking about?! Of course, it was about the war, about the crimes committed by russia on our territory. It is important that people remember the war so that military support does not stop. Ukraine shouldn’t disappear from the context of European life”, said Kateryna Osadcha, host of the special episode, as well as “The Voice” on TET TV channel.

"We have to prove that our strength, our invincibility is manifested not only on the battlefield, but also on all fronts, in particular, on the cultural one. We also have to show the whole world that, despite the war, we are ready to show our creativity, which we have at an incredibly high level. Therefore, such collaborations at the international level are extremely important. First of all, the Ukrainians themselves speak about Ukraine. And, secondly, they talk about our country not only in the military aspect, but also in the cultural one," Timur Miroshnychenko, TV presenter of  1+1 TV channel and star participant of the special episode.

Such a special episode has been developed for the first time in the history of the show. It will be released soon in November. Ukrainian viewers will be able to watch it on TET TV channel, Kyivstar TV and on YouTube channel of FILM.UA. It is planned that the Ukrainian version will also be shown in other European countries in order to attract the attention of the whole world and remind about the courageous resistance of Ukrainians in the war with the russia.

The Ukrainian episode was carried out by the Big Brave Events’ team of 1+1 media. Nataliya Lysenkova, Nataliya Rovenska and Maria Hryhorashchenko are the directors of the show from TRI Directions. They are known for staging performances for world-famous artists.

Photos courtesy of Nadi Hammouda / Yellow Film & TV / Yle and 1+1 media.


The Song of My Life is the most popular entertainment show in Finland, which reaches a viewing share of more than 40%. Katya Ståhl, the host, makes the guests of the evening open their hearts with the power of music. The guests guess each other's songs and at the same time discover something new about themselves through the song of their life and the story associated with it. The best artists perform songs live with an orchestra. The audience, together with the guests, can guess who chose which song using a special mobile app. Armoza Formats is the distributor of this format show.